Can you believe it’s already March?? I thought time flew by in Nashville, but it’s no comparison. I will go ahead and apologize for the lack of pictures. My memory card is really small, so when I travel with a group I let them take most of the pictures and then we trade off. None of us have had the time to get together, so as soon as we switch I’ll be sure to post them. This weekend Becca, Cat, Jamie and I rented a car and drove around Tuscany. Originally our trip was based on going to thermal baths near Saturnia in southern Tusccany, but it ended up being more about the drive than anything else. The drive was thousands of times prettier than any train trip, and the opportunity to stop and go as you please was liberating to say the least. We drove south through the mountains and finally found ourselves near the hill town of Saturnia. At first we couldn’t find the resort we were going to go to, but when we started to backtrack we saw a huge blue waterfall coming out of hill in the middle of the valley. As it turns out, it’s the spot the locals know about and it’s completely natural and free! We may have smelt of rotten eggs the rest of the afternoon, but as you’ll see from the pictures, it was absolutely worth it! On the drive home we got lost several times, but the drive was so pleasurable it didn’t even matter.

The rest of the weekend we just hung out around town – relaxed and got some homework done. It’s easy to forget I’m technically here for school. Haha. We spent a long time on Sunday talking to some Italians we met sitting out on a dam in the middle of the river. You may have seen it in some pictures that are already on my website. I’m not sure which page it’s on, but the dam is on a picture taken of Florence from the balcony of a friend’s apartment.

The last few new pictures on the site were taken tonight. It was the last night of my Tuscan cooking course. We made an elaborate dinner of marinated wild boar, a bizzare chicken salad, wonderfully delicate cookies and hot cream. Needless to say, I had to cook dinner when I got home, but I certainly enjoyed the cookies and cream!!

Garrett arrives Saturday, so I may not be able to write next week. We’ll see how busy we stay. The first weekend we’ll spend in Rome and then we’re flying to Geneva, Switzerland the next. It should be a great time.

Thanks for all the emails I’ve been getting. I absolutely love hearing from everyone! Keep them coming! Have a beautiful week!



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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
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