all nighter

This weekend was one of my favorites so far. Alfredo (the one in the motorcycle accident) is talking and doing much better, but sailing got moved again for bad weather. We had to find other activities for the weekend. One of my friends at Belmont is actually from Genova, Italy, so he put me in touch with some of his friends, Livio and Marco, while I’m studying here. We haven’t been able to match schedules to meet up until this weekend when Livio came to Florence.

Saturday night I went to the Spoon/Interpol concert with Lauren, Livio and two of Livio’s friends, Cesare and Davide. The concert was fantastic, especially because we got our tickets for 10Euro less than the box-office price (and the bands didn’t wink at us any less, Livio!).

When the concert ended at 11:30 the five of us drove to a “bellisima festa” (beautiful party, as Franci called it) 30 minutes away in the next valley that Francesca invited us to. It was out in the middle of nowhere in a villa belonging to a complete stranger. I knew 3 people in the room besides the ones we came with…and Lauren and I were the only two non-italians in the house, but it was fantastic. There was bread, wine, cheese, pasta, and a disco ball. What more could we need for a good time in Tuscany?

At 3:30 (yep, I officially stayed up past midnight, folks!) we came back to Florence and taught the guys american card games – BS and Spoons – and then watched the sunrise on Piazza Michelangelo. And after a couple hours of sleep we took them to Ari’s Diner – a new american pancake place near my house. It was a fully American yet fully Italian weekend. I think we did a fine job blending the two.

The rest of the week has been relatively uneventful. The rains have rolled in, which is a bit depressing on the cobblestone, but it forces me to work on projects instead of sit in a piazza in the sun, so I guess it has its advantages.

Hope all is well in the states – my time here is quickly coming to and end. I’ll be home before you know it.

Till next time,


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