american boat

Well, where do I start? The election of a new pope, the fall of the Italian government, three crazy canadians, and a weekend sailing the mediterrenean…

Two weekends ago we stopped in Cinque Terre again and then went to Genova to hang out with the Livio again (recall from last week – he’s a friend of a friend I go to school with in Nashville). We stayed with his family in their GORGEOUS apartment (I can’t wait to see YOURS Giacomo!) and got an in-depth tour of the city. Most importantly we got to make Livio (and his dad – it was a first for both of them) pancakes on his birthday and then celebrate with his family over dinner.

In Cinque Terre we met three Canadian guys traveling Europe in a rental car. I hung out with them again when I got home to Florence, and again when they drove back through from Rome to Venice. They’re fantastic and it was really encouraging being around three guys who love Jesus as much as these. There’s much much more to this story, but for the sake of time and people thinking I’m absolutely off my rocker you’ll have to request more information…

Last weekend Christian (the friend I met on the plane to Germany) brought two friends and came for a visit. It was so great to see him and hang out again. I don’t have all the pictures from that time yet because I didn’t have my camera, so I’m waiting for Stephan to send them to me before I can post them. I’ll let you know.

This past weekend when we finally got the chance to go sailing with Francesca and the gang from 5Tavoli…plus 40 others!! Yep, there were 46 of us! It was amazing – we had 5 boats (ours aptly nicknamed “american boat”) and we sailed/swam during the day and tied the boats together for parties every night. The pictures don’t do it justice, sorry, but look at them anyway!

Well, considering how long it’s been, you should be proud of me for keeping this so short!! Talk to you all again soon. Oh, I added some art to the website, too, for anyone who’s interested. Ciao!!


Yet the timeless in you is aware
that that which sings and contemplates in you
is still dwelling within the bounds
of that first moment
which scattered the stars into space.

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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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