Caylin and I were craving ice cream. Hand-scooped ice cream. sooo we asked the gal standing outside of the train station for a place to walk to quickly before our train left in 20 minutes. excitedly, she asked if we’d heard of “magdanoo” (i can’t spell french, sorry) and gave us very vague directions…and off we went. confused and lost we stopped several more times for directions and were directed towards “magdanoo” with much enthusaism and thumbs up “ooo VERY good ice cream”. we arrived at the mall to find that we’d been sent to *drum-roll please*….macdonalds. no joke. we nearly rolled on the ground with laughter and then picked up magnum bars on the hurried trip back to the station. 🙂

dad caylin and i made a split-decision trip to geneva switzerland after chelsi and steve took off for italy thursday evening. before our flight, dad and i dropped everyone off at the airport with the luggage while went to fill the rental car with gas at a station 15 minutes from the airport. our rental this time was a really cool renault with the radio-transmitter key that you stick into the dash and push the start button….and then you can take the key out and the car still runs. we drove to the gas station, turned it off and pumped the gas. do you see where i’m going with this?? yep….we ended up stuck at the gas station with NO english speakers and no way to turn the car back on because the key was in the luggage we had dropped off at the airport. perfect. after being invited (in what little spanish i DO know) to ditch my dad and go to a “fiesta” with some creepy guys at the pump next to me, we ran into two guys from FLORIDA. they took dad to pick up the key from steve (chelsi’s fiance) at the airport.

we made our flight (which included a flying RIGHT next to mt. blanc) and have been spending the last few days here in geneva…it’s absolutely gorgeous. today we went to visit a castle on the edge of Lake Leman. it was like something out of a movie. a thunderstorm came i watched from the stone walls. i’ve never experienced a thunderstorm with those kind of acoustics….lake, mountains, castle… get the picture.

i’ve been wondering a bit about the point of traveling. it used to be so incredibly useful…discover new lands, new people, new species…. it seems there is nothing truly new. i am often bored. i lose my wonder, my curiosity and vigor in the intimidating idea that all has already been said, been seen, been thought, been tasted, been heard.

then i read the other day: “in childhood we ask, ‘why is there good and evil?’ ‘how does nature work?’ ‘why am i me?’ if circumstances and temperament allow, we then build on these questions during adulthood…” (here i paused and arrogantly exclaimed in my mind- i STILL ask all these questions!! not only do i question, but i have ANSWERS to lots of these questions!!) the quote continues: “…we build on these question during adulthood, our curiosity encompassing more and more of the world until at some point we may reach that elusive stage where, we are bored by nothing.”

humbling to say the least.

well anyway, enough of my rambling. if you get bored and want to see photos, i’ve finally posted some of them. sorry, the’re a bit difficult to put anywhere but photobucket so you’ll just have to go there. it’s not very organized yet, but hopefully i’ll have it up to date soon and be able to make it easier to view….


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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