finally hearing voices again

so much has happened…i won´t try to include it all

after dad and cazlin left i spent a night in torino, italy and then nearly week in genova, italy….we climbed, beached, ATE, watched soccer, rode the vespa. i stayed with my friend marco (quite a few of you met him when he came to nashville actually) and felt like i was practically part of his family by the time i had to go. their housekeeper/nanny made me a cake when i left!

i spent a day in cinque terre and on my way to florence i ran into one of my best friends from high school in the train station in pisa!! she and i hung out in florence, and at the beach in viareggio. so wonderful to see my beautiful johnni.

i met a gal in my hostel from australia and we hung out in florence and at my friend, stefano´s vineyard near arezzo. i managed to limit myself to only one stop at each of my favorite places….vivoli gelato, oil shop sandwiches (koo kli koo closed!!!!), and vestri chocolate. the chocolatier in vestri actually remembered me….that CAN´T be a good sign!

yesterday i flew here to munich. stefan picked me up at the station and (like my first time in germany) the first thing we did was drink! ha! go figure. no, really, munich has an annual wine festival at a castle here, so we went there will his friends. drinking wine and eating from 4pm till nearly midnight….it was a blast. i think i might have been the only english speaker, so i took the opportunity to learn a few things…numbers, “excuse me” “i don´t speak german” and “i feel sick”.

well, like i said, much more has taken place, and even more is happening in my head and in my heart. a blog might not be the time or place for any of that right now. At Petrolo, the vineyard, we took stefano’s motorcycle out and rode right around sunset. the blooms of a particular tree are opening so there were millions of white fluffy seeds floating in the air. and at the speeds we were going, they seemed to be frozen in the glareing sunlight. it was absolutely magical. god’s voice was a bellowing whisper from within them. by his grace i’m finally re-learning how to be present and how to hear him. or perhaps simply learning how he’s choosing to speak to me in this particular season. and then being intentional about recieving love and then refecting it back out. i´ve had a tendency to lazily (but knowingly) ignore his presence lately. it´s good he´s so full of patience and grace….i seem to be the first in need of it.


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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