summer months day by day

i’m tired of having this on my profile page, so i’m moving my summer’s update schedule to a blog….

may 1st I flew into London and then the next day went to Santiago de Compostella to see my little sister – Caylin studied there all spring.

We met Dad, my older sister Chelsi and her boyfriend in Barcelona and traveled also to the island Mallorca. Chelsi and Steve left. Dad, Caylin and I went to Geneva, Switzerland and the surrounding area for several days

I spent a day in Torino staying with someone from

Five days in Genova, Italy with friends I know through Giacomo Fiore who goes to Belmont. I met some of his friends while i was living here. I stayed with Marco and his family, who some of you have met when he visited Nashville last fall.

In Florence I hung out with girlfriends from high school who i (literally) ran into in Pisa on the way there. crazy, i know – we saw each other from across a train platform. while i was with them we all stayed at Kara´s boyfriend´s place in Florence. when they left i got a hostel and hung out with a gal i met there for a few days. we spent a day or two at my friend, stefano´s, vineyard south of florence near the chianti region.

i flew from rome to munich and stayed with a friend, Stefan, (and his family) from there who had been studying on the erasmus exchange in florence while i was living there.

plans to go visit christian directly afterward fell through, so i emailed the brother of Austin Kelly (witchita stallions) who had been named as a place to stay if the need arose. it was strange to be on a US military base in Europe, but definitely worth the experience. We hung around Heidelberg and Manheim and even took a trip to Baden-Baden to go to the hot springs! Adam was a great host and I always love meeting family members of friends. Interesting insight.

I flew from Frankfurt to Stockholm, Sweden. For the last four days I´ve been staying with my friend, Zeipel, and his family. I met them in nashville last fall. He was living there at the time and now is back home in Linkoping.

Once back in Frankfurt I checked into the hostel there and hung out with people from the hostel for a few days (most of the Australian). I ended up taking a road trip with some of them to watch the “friendly” between Australia and Leichtenstein in Ulm, Germany. It’s the only live game I got to see surrounding the World Cup. We slept in their sweet green bed-van and drove back the next day. I was supposed to go to Berlin that day, but decided against it.

Eventually I DID decide to go to berlin where I met up with my friend, donnie mortimer, his brother rick, and their friend ben. We´ve been joining in the World Cup festivities (there is SO much energy in this country right now!!) and sleeping outside under the stars. True tramp-style. What else would I expect hanging out with donnie?

Yesterday I accidentally ended up in Warsaw, Poland…five hours from where i wanted to be in Wroclaw, Poland. Those ticket-sellers in Berlin have NO idea what they’re talking about. The next evening I made it to Krakow (beautiful!!) and hung out for a few days.

I´ve been in Vienna, Austria now since the 16th. I´m staying with the flatmates of one of Caylin´s friends who I met in Santiago. They´re wonderful! Vienna has SO much to see!!

I found out that jake ousley, brad barnes and a friend of theirs (jun19) were actually in Vienna at the same time, so I surprised them at the train station and together we headed  to Prague for a few days. Imagine two months alone and then three days with THEM! I have video evidence (with my pictures) of the ridiculously A.D.H.D. great times.

Jun 21st I flew to london and am staying with a friend of friends in Nashville. Liselle (my hostess) is totally my kinda gal. SERIOUSLY wonderful. Thanks for the hook-up chris/dan.



pictures are pretty up to date usually even if blogs are not.


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
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