real-life sci-fi

This is what i’m learning in class.  It sounds more like a movie involving Earthlings and “space-shields”.   Totally galactic, man…

italics added:
“The Outer Space is governed by the 1967 United Nations General Assembly Treaty Regime: Principles Governing the Activities of States and the Exploration and use of Outer Space, Including the Moon, and Other Celestial Bodies Outer Space Treaty (hereafter referred to as the Outer Space Treaty *thank the lord*)”
Here are the provisions:
* Exploration and use of outer space is governed my international law to promote peace, security, and international cooperation
* Everyone has free access to Outer Space (*right*)
* States cannot claim sovereign rights to anything in outer space (*remember our flag on the moon?? hmmm… we’re arrogant bastards*)
* Demilitarizing Outer Space (*aka no nukes on the moon.  or in satellites*) Some argue that a space baed missile shield defense system (*honestly, is this possible??*) could violate this component
* A State is civilly liable if their activities in Outer Space harm anyone on Earth (*like when we shoot down satellites and shrapnel flies through the atmosphere and hits a plane or something.  sure it hasn’t yet, but the key is ‘yet’*)

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