wisdom from others

Sometimes I read someone else’s words and realize I can’t say them better, no matter how hard I might try.  It just happened.  Twice:

“For what will I spend my days? What is worthy enough to claim the fleeting and precious hours of my life? Will I try to cushion myself from pain, inconvenience and sacrifice? Will I sweat for personal glory or a comfortable lifestyle? Will I pursue personal peace, affluence, applause from my peers?

“For what will I live?

“Love. I would have myself live for Love. I would not be content until life had refined the impurities out of me. Like gold in the fire, I would be made new. I would Love myself right out of my North American self-centeredness and into a circle of flowing generosity of spirit.

“Don’t you have a sense that out of Real Love everything other good thing would follow (gentleness, patience, joy, peace, faithfulness, creativity, passion, etc.)? But, Real Love requires real sacrifice, real courage, and real submission. Love tends not to bend to my preferences or time-line, it tends to require my undoing. Each one of us, living in our unique circles of connection, has only this day.

“This is the day. This is our chance.”

(thank you bonnie loveday)
“Shams and delusions are esteemed for soundest truths, while reality is fabulous… When we are unhurried and wise, we perceive that only great and worthy things have any permanent and absolute existence, that petty fears and petty pleasures are but the shadow of reality. This is always exhilarating and sublime. By closing the eyes and slumbering, and consenting to be deceived by shows, men establish and confirm their daily life of routine and habit everywhere, which still is built on purely illusory foundations. Children, who play life, discern its true law and relations more clearly than men, who fail to live it worthily…

“I have always been regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born.”

(thank you henry david thoreau. walden)

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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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