diamonds in the sky

i’ve always been obsessed with stars. the first thing i wanted to be was an astronaut. then i made a slight shift in plans and decided i wanted to be a cook. my mom said the astronauts would need to eat, too, so henceforth i knew i wanted to be a cook…in a spaceship. that stuck until my dad convinced me i wanted to be a doctor…but that’s a WHOLE different bag of worms we won’t get into.

SO. stars.

i get the Discovery Science newsfeed on my Google Homepage, as well as having the Starry Night Widget on my dashboard. It’s amazing because it shows you all the constellations and planets you can see at your latitude and longitude on a given date. Almost like having googlesky or something like that! And then at the bottom of the widget there’s Astronomy News. (wow, i’m a geek).

This morning I clicked on a headlined titled “Diamonds in the Sky”. This seemed SO much like a fairy tale, I had to post it to remember it. Ok, when stars start to die, they shuck off all their outer layers and henceforth are called White Dwarfs until they die. BUT the CORE of a white dwarf is CRYSTALLIZED CARBON – aka a DIAMOND! What the heck?! A diamond the size of a planet. In karats, it would be something like 30billiontrilliontrillion karats. Now that’s a big rock.


I still do not not not want a stone on my engagement ring…but at least that puts some of the romance back into diamonds. the thought of stars ACTUALLY being diamonds (like a little girl’s fantasy) makes me positively gleeful. sometimes real life is much more magical than anyone could possibly dream up. glad the creator was so…well….creative. 🙂


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