funny flying

Not exactly off the best start (if we´re talking normal societal standards here). After zero sleep but a really fun night atop a high rise in chicago [thanks tim and jason! no thanks to you josh – there´s your shout-out, buddy ;)] I arrived at O´hare in plenty of time. However, after a slight mix-up due to overtiredness and complete lack of attention I managed to wait for a delayed flight that wasn´t even mine….thereby missing my OWN flight which was leaving from an entirely different terminal. After noticing a United logo on the jetway (an important detail considering I was flying Northwest) I made my way to my real gate where they proceeded to mock me and put me on the next flight to Minneapolis. No harm done – except perhaps to my ego.

So then Mineapolis. My flight from there to Paris was to leave at 3pm, but after a series of absolutely ridiculous mistakes on the part of the airline we got off the ground around 7pm. Apparently we were supposed to be placated by the meal voucher they handed out at 10 to 6….20 minutes before boarding began. Poor planning, my friends. Poor planning. I promise I´m not as irritated as I make it sound – it was just really funny. 😉 And fortunately my seat-mate pretty much kicked butt, so that righted everything. He´s off to Sienna Italy to waste away his summer after having just finished his doctorate in medieval (sp??) studies at Notre Dame. Brilliant.

Then my flight from Paris to Barcelona had some issues during landing and we powered up and flew in a circle and had to take a second go at actually putting the plane on the ground. I´ve never had that happen before – pretty hilarious. I wonder what happened.

And fortunately upon arrival I finally heard from the person I´m staying with here in Barcelona tonight. That works out well….I had kinda forgotten I didn´t have their address. Not sure what I was planning to do if I hadn´t heard back. I guess gotten a hostel…or perhaps gotten on a sleep train to Irun. Oh well, I don´t really have to worry about that.

Arighty…off to have some tapas and a glass of wine while I soak in my 24 hours of Barcelona. Tomorrow morning I head to Irun to sleep and begin my walk. Wish me luck with better luck with trains.


2 Responses to “funny flying”

  1. 1 Ronald June 10, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    Off to an interesting start…Chelsi and Steve are on course so far. Made it to south of Hannibal yesterday and ready to do a 180 mile day today….havent heard from them yet today…We are totally flooded here in Cedar Falls and Waterloo…Mandatory evacuation in down town Cedar Falls and sand bagging all around to ice house museum area and cup of Joe…About 6 feet higher than any record before…We have water over Niagra the street leading up to Grand and can only come in from the West on Grand Blvd. It is CRAZY!! National news!!! We were on the TODAY show for Cedar Falls flooding. Be safe and have a great experience.

  2. 2 calaismarie June 14, 2008 at 11:01 am

    whoa! that´s crazy!! iowa´s making national news a lot these days…unfortunately not for the best of things…

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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
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