El Camino – Casa Baraca to Casa Ulia

The next morning (yesterday – thursday) we woke with sore feet, joined the morning meeting and breakfast, took LOADS of pictures and then set off for their other house near San Sebastian.

Of course we got lost in the first 30 minutes, but the first person we asked about directions just HAPPENED to be this wonderful man who knew allllllll the ins and outs of the trails in the area. How incredible. He actually walked us to the place we needed to be – about 3km away from where we´d met him. And he was in SHAPE!! Whew – he really kicked my butt walking up those hills!!

We spent this day in extremely thick fog in a wet forest climbing a mountain. The trail was beautiful – accompanied by various fountains springing out of the mountain for us to drink from.

Near the end of our journey we had two options as far as trails go. One we called the “german trail” because it was marked and safe. The other was simply suggested by a local man we met on the path. This unsure trail we called the “Spanish Trail” because it was mystic, completely unsure, but supposedly much more beautiful….and of course we took the latter.

As I said, it was really thick fog, so what was supposed to be so beautiful was only grey nothingness, but we could hear the ocean off to our right. Almost like God planned a surprise, about an hour into the trail, the fog lifted to show off an incredible blue ocean literally 50 meters to our side and several hundred feet STRAIGHT below us. We had been traveling a cliff and didn´t even know it. Again, I´ll load pictures soon, but it was absolutely INCREDIBLE.

The view was beautiful, the path was a bit dangerous and difficult, but all was well. And upon our descent we found a beautiful little stream in a stone on the beach were we rested for a couple hours before continuing on to the next Tribe of Shimon house atop mount Ulia, where they again received us with almost too much hospitality. I´m sleeping well, for sure 🙂

Thursday: around 25km


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