terry asks good questions

Terry asked some pretty great questions, and I´ve been thinking about them a lot. Of course my answers will change as my journey continues, but here´s what I´ve got so far:

1. what do you hope to accomplish on this journey?

Well, I don´t usually set off on journeys with a particular thing I think of as an “accomplishment” to be had, but strangely enough, this trip actually had one in mind. My purpose in coming to Spain for these two months has changed drastically several times, but upon departure it can basically be summed up in a few things: to get comfortable with Spanish, to challenge my body by walking 900km, to force myself to live slowly and intentionally in a new way(walking´s pretty darn slow)

2. is the journey itself of main importance or is the destination the goal?

Of course the destination is one of historical importance – i´m following in the footsteps of many many incredible people (rumor has it st. francis walked it in the middle ages), so it´s a somewhat nostalgic experience. however, among other things, rock climbing has taught me that the destination is of little importance and the journey is of utmost importance. after all, i´ve already been to Santiago de Compostella – spent nearly a week there when my little sister Caylin was studying there. I arrived by plane from London. This time is different. It´s about now. And the now just happens to be happening on the way to Santiago.

3. Will you walk, ride, hitch-hike…?

Walking. Every single step.

4. This isn’t a question, but I’m jealous – have a great trip.

Don´t be jealous. Bring your fam and come do it!! 🙂

Please, everyone, this isn´t just about me. Everyone´s in the middle of something right now. It may seem mundane, or it may be something you´re extremely excited about. Would you mind applying the same questions to whatever you´re putting your OWN energies into right now and posting them here? I would love to hear about the journeys everyone else is traveling right now as well.

1. what do you hope to accomplish from your endeavor?
2. what´s more important in your case – journey or destination?
3. how are you working towards it?
4. how does agape fit into your plan?


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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