on the north coast of spain, the typical drink is cider. like woodchuck…only good. 😉

in pais vasco it was a-ok…i´m not much of one for cider. i definitely prefer a darker beer, wine, or whiskey to the sweet flavor of ciders. BUT…when in rome…

last night me and some of the other pilgrims went for a walk around the city and then to a couple different bars (apparently spaniards rarely stay at a bar for more than one round) for a bottle of cider. it´s a bit different here in Asturias (better, if you ask me) and here it´s the OTHER traditions that go with it that make it SO much fun!

the waiters are in a ridiculous hurry and the whole process was much of a blur, but they race to your table, pop open the bottle, and then pour a bit more than an inch into a cup…FROM AS FAR AS THEIR ARM-SPAN CAN REACH! it was incredible!!

then they quickly hand you the cup and start pouring the next while you´re expected to down what they´ve given you. there are only ever two cups – regardless of how many people there are for a bottle.

upon the demands of my spanish peers, i (with much question) downed my cup and handed it back. my cup was met with much repremand because I hadn´t known I wasn´t supposed to drink ALL of it – apparently I was supposed to know that you´re to leave a tiny bit in the bottom to swish and “wash” the cup before tossing it on the street and pouring the next glass for the next person. now how on earth was i supposed to know that?! 😀 believe me, with the taunts from spaniards, i learned quickly!

conclusion: if you come to asturias…No. COME to asturias. and see the bufones. and try the cider…the asturian way.


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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