where to begin

well…i had one of my oh-so-brilliant ideas that began yesterday. i´d like to finish up a bit earlier because a) i´m a bit bored of walking 25km a day – it´s lost its challenge and these stages are pretty much all on the road, which isn´t all that fun and hurts my feet and b)i´d like to make it to italy during july to see friends before the entire country shuts down for august.

SO while in madrid i bought running shoes and decided i´d double my distances a day (usually i finish my stage within 4 hours of starting it…which leaves a lot more day that i could be walking). this way i can finish in about 9 days.

ok, duh. new shoes. clearly i have about a billion new blisters (i actually have blisters BETWEEN most of my toes) and yesterday when i arrived in Muros de Nalón at 9pm (after 42km) i found out they don´t have an albergue! and it was starting to rain. and i started to cry. i think from exhaustion more than anything else.

anyway, i went back to the restaurant i´d asked for directions the first time and it turns out they actually have rooms they rent out if someone isn´t able to find lodging in town (which i wasn´t because the only hotel was closed), so they put up with my near-tears as they showed me the room and gracefully left me to calm down.

i felt like such a baby, but i guess sometimes that´s the way things are. i´m safe, i had a great place to sleep and a good breakfast this morning. and now it´s back to chacos as i head out on this next big day´s walk. in the rain, of course.

(i promise i´m not AS negative as i sound…it´s just a little funny…a little not)


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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