lovely luggage

my last day there i helped stefano out in the factory labeling and bottling and packaging an order bound for **dunn dunn dunnnnnnnn** TORONTO!  it was super interesting. every bottle was carefully polished, labeled (two labels by machine and one by hand) before it was hand-wrapped in tissue and placed into a beautiful wooden box, hammered shut and stacked on the pallet. the amount of care that goes into each bottle on such a small estate is phenomenal. and i had always wondered how they get that massive cork into the bottle the first time! i wish i could have taken photos of all the processes (especially for my “how stuff works” fan, julie!!), but you know how companies are about the “inside scoop”.

of course, stefano being the person that he is, loaded me up with everything he could possibly send me home with. i have wine, olive oil, & honey coming out my ears!  i’m not sure i’ve ever met a more generous person.

in order to get all my goods home (thanks to spain losing my other bag… ug) stefano and i spent (literally) an hour MAKING luggage!  first each bottle was packaged in styrofoam and cardboard shippers before being stacked carefully alongside my clothes and other various belongings in a large box. then the box was taped a billion times over and wrapped with celophane. THEN we added at least three different carrying systems complete with more comfortable carrying handles than ANY luggage i’ve ever had! i’ve never seen a more perfect demonstration of stefano’s half-german heritage!


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