boys, plug your ears

(guys, you’re welcome to read, but don’t say i didn’t warn you)

this subject was just introduced to me last night. never in my life have a heard anything remotely similar (which strengthens my concern), but then again there are a lot of studies that are just now being published and i believe a lot of things i didn’t last year this time.

so here we go. for all you women out there – have you ever heard that menstruation isn’t intended??

(i’ll give you a second to pick up your lower jaw)

a wonderfully wise and inquisitive friend of mine is a raw foodist. we went for dinner last night at Whole Foods and then spent the next few hours in Whole Body reading books, cookbooks, calendars, talking about all sorts of random things (like the diva cup!). Eventually it came up in conversation that her bleeding has shortened to one day a month since she went raw. it’s pretty typical amongst raw foodists, really.

now, i’ve always heard that if you’re not bleeding it’s a sign that your body fat content is too low and that your body isn’t healthy. but she begged to differ and sent me a bunch of info on the subject which i’ve spent the last hour reading through. some of it seems like propaganda – or at best, a little hyped – but some of it came as a bit of a surprise.  i get a little irate when people (especially men) try and pass the female cycle (what i’ve always viewed as a necessary, even beautiful, part of our reality) off as a pathology.  but, at the same time, i’m always willing to at least look into something that i don’t understand or agree with. 

[i’ll try and get the source from her – this is just from a word document she sent me – sorry about that.  but i do want you to know, as well, that my source at this point is pretty open]

“Although it is claimed that menstruation is correlated with ovulation, the two processes are not always coincident. Numerous cases are known where women have borne several children and have never menstruated. I personally know one woman who is the mother of five children and she has never menstruated in her life. I know another who menstruated during her adolescent period, married a man who had changed his way of living to a truly natural life style, she joined him in his health regime and became a fine specimen of health and ceased menstruating. Thereafter she had three children, all delivered naturally and painlessly and never menstruated again in her life. There are many, many cases on record, verifying the fact that ovulation is the natural and normal recurring process of the body, and that menstruation is that disease condition which accompanies ovulation because of a weakened and toxic state in women. No bodily function should ever be accompanied by haemorrhage. Blood loss is not normal.

Ovulation, in the healthy woman, occurs without menstruation. Menstruation occuring coincident with ovulation is not normal. Weak muscles in the abdominal area contribute to the haemorrhage condition that the menstruating woman experiences monthly. After the woman ovulates, there is a thickening of the mucus membrane lining the uterus, in preparation for conception. When conception does not occur, this thickened membrane is sloughed off. In the weak and toxic woman, this sloughing is accompanied by a haemorrhage of the small capillaries that have built up behind this mucous membrane, again in preparation for conception. In the healthy woman the mucous lining is passed out as a very slight mucus discharge. The many fine capillaries diminish in number until preparation is again made for conception after normal ovulation. Due to a weakness of the capillary walls and excessive inflammation, the toxic woman experiences a haemorrhage of the uterus, a pathological condition, which, because of its near universality, she mistakes as part of the normal function of ovulation.”

i started searching online and it turns out there are loads of incidences of women having multiple healthy children without ever having menstruated. ovulation does not require bleeding, apparently.

when i think about it, i realize that i have my heaviest, most painful cycles when i’m the least healthy. when i’m eating clean, excercising, etc. i have much shorter, much less noticeable periods.

I find it all super interesting – worth looking into. if “HEALTHY” includes ovulation void of bleeding – i’m all in!


1 Response to “boys, plug your ears”

  1. 1 badash November 17, 2008 at 1:56 am

    Thanks for this post!!! I really love how open-minded you are!!!

    The person who sent that word document to me put the info on there from a variety of different websites and books… if you scroll down to the end, it lists the sources i believe. =)

    Did you read the part about how no animal in nature BLEEDS like that, but then if you feed them cooked human food or processed food, they often have periods. INTERESTING! If we were in Nature, it wouldn’t make much sense (to me) if we left a trail of blood… that would attract animals like BEARS to find us!!!

    I am not even sure about where my opinion lies on this subject — Afterall, I just recieved the document last week and I haven’t read it all. But it is definitely interesting, nonetheless!


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