44th president

there aren’t many times in your life you know in the moment that someday you’ll tell your children…your grandchildren…about that day. this is the kind of day my kids will learn about in history courses, read about in books…and here we are watching the 44th president take his oath, pledge his goodwill to our country over the next 4 years.

so i wonder what i’ll include when i recount the story of this day.  that i hadn’t even changed out of house-clothes? that aretha missed a few of her notes? that i was fasting that day and my stomach grumbled the entirety of the inaugural address?  that i wondered whether i should stand with the crowds on the television…decided it was silly…and then regretted not having done so mostly for the sake of a story?  that obama looked like a nervous school boy trying his hardest not to grin eart to ear?  that he was so excited he couldn’t even keep up with the words he was supposed to repeat? that the living room smelled like gas because i’d forgotten to open the flute on the fireplace for the first 5 minutes of having it on?  that i spent the morning shoveling snow and ripping down walpaper until it was time to sit and watch the ceremony?

i don’t know what will stand out in the years to come.  we can’t predict these things.  hopefully we’ll be able to look back on this day as one where the United States took a drastic turn for the better: more stable, more humble, more generous, more aware.  all i know for sure right now is that i will tell the story of this day – these years – for a long time to come.

now back to work…

[read the inaugural address]


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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