i’ve had the huge blessing of staying at the house of some amazingly talented and just flat-out wonderful friends while they’re out on tour for a month.  it’s been unbelievably nice to have a room to myself and a peaceful, homey environment.  chatting to a friend the other day, i realized that there are at least two obvious reactions that room-loving sentiment could cause: a) settling down and enjoying having a room for good -or- b) gratitude that i live a life where the simplest things are the biggest treat.   i prefer and naturally react via option ‘b’.  obviously.

another amazing part of this whole setup is that i get to drive ricky’s car while they’re away.  (supposedly i get to ride svend’s motorcycle, too, but i haven’t braved that one yet.) when i first got here i asked ricky what he called it and he said he didn’t have anything, so i’ve taken to lovingly referring to her as bella.  ricky says renaming someone’s car is like renaming their child, so for the sake of arguement it’s only a nickname from a loving aunt – ha!



ok, so i know it doesn’t make all that much sense – and i’ve never been proud of a car before – but i tell you what…i’m having some serious pride issues riding around in his 83 Mercedes 300D.  I freaking love it!!  Granted, the locks are less than ‘functional’ and it doesn’t so much like to “accelerate”…the brakes are a bit (a lotta bit) inconsistent and the best part?  sometimes you have to coaxe her to turn off after you’ve removed the key.  obviously she needs some work, but i’ve been giving her a bit of tlc since i’ve been babysitting.  she freakin’ loved a dose of injector cleaner – took it like candy!  my next project will be a bit of love to the vacuum system.  i’m thinking (due to all the problems i listed above) either there’s a leak or the vacuum pump just needs some help.  any suggestions would be appreciated for sure.

it’s funny – thinking back i realized that this is the car i begged dad to buy me when i turned 16.  there was a canary 300D for sale on round st. in cedar falls – complete with butter yellow hub caps to match.  i wonder how different my life would have been had i gotten that car…

i kid. sort of.


2 Responses to “bella”

  1. 1 Momma April 1, 2009 at 6:30 am

    You are such a hoot. I have a Mercedes that you can have if you want to restore it. Ask Bill about the details. It is not a 300D.

  1. 1 molly jenson « out on a walk Trackback on May 29, 2009 at 11:54 am

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