mountains, desert, ocean

yesterday was monumental.  i woke and had my espresso as usual.  i read and prayed and moseyed about for an hour or so and then i got to work.  by 11am i had run fryman canyon through the santa monica mountains (hills) and turned in my very last project for my BA.  i can’t decide which felt better.  i’m glad i don’t have to choose those sorts of things.

last night a friend from nashville called to let me know he was in town.  though no one else knew they were celebrating my graduation, i agreed to meet for a commemorative drink and dessert at a fancy restaurant in malibu.

i hopped on my motorcycle around 6pm and headed west straight into the sunset.  at the end of ventura blvd i pulled off into some side roads and eventually found my way to malibu canyon road.    my heart  came alive in a way it hasn’t been for weeks.

DSC00069ok, so they’re not the rockies, but the santa monica mountains have a lot of life, my friends.  every turn marked a new scene.  desert to rainforest to barren rockland.  i wished desperately for a passenger with a camera…or a futuristic camera that snapped photos when my brain thought, “snap”.  i can’t wait to share that ride with someone.  [caylin, get ready – i’m pretty certain your visit’s going to be that chance]

the company at dinner was delightful.  jeff has some pretty incredible friends.  we shared our lives for a few hours over wine and cheese and chocolate.  the full moon shot a hopeful spotlight onto the ocean through the smoke from santa barbera fires.  the waves were crashing so hard against the rocks that i was convinced several times it was the beginnings of an earthquake.  the power of water will always bewilder me.

after dinner i said goodbyes and took a new route home so that i could ride down the pacific coast highway right along the ocean.  that close to silver waves i payed far more attention to the ocean than is safe while riding a two-wheeled vehicle.  fortunately the vacancy of the lanes made it more possible than otherwise.

i had forgotten how inspired i am by the ocean.  i had forgotten that i can’t keep a lid on my heart with the sounds and smells and sights of that grand horizon.  and the sentiment was hightened already by my ride through desert and mountains on my way to get to such a grand view.

i love living in the valley because i’m near my friends.  right now it’s worth it.  but eventually i need to move my body back to where my heart lives – on the sand-lined infinity god surrounded us with.  sigh…


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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