i haven’t said much about my new living space, but don’t let that fool you into thinking i’m not a fan. i absolutely love our spot. i’ll tell you more about the space itself (amazing) in a later post (just added that later post, so click here for an apartment tour) , but for now let’s go with the my favorite part of the whole deal: the people. technically i have three roommates, but because there are three apartments of us in the building it feels more like i have 9.

i’ve also been meaning to write short intros for everyone, but i haven’t felt like i know people well enough to do so. but then…then mike made this amazing quiz on facebook that you take to see “Which Moorparker are You?” and his descriptions are FAR better than I could possibly write, so here’s an edited and added-to version of their descriptions. (Anything in parenthesis is my own little two cents on the person.) Meet the Moorpark Commune-ity!

=======================GEORGE====================== Reality PA, camera man, Mongolian, and Miss America 2008's Boyfriend. Fun-loving and adventurous, which both enriches his life and gets him into heaps of trouble. People can't help but say, "man, I really love George, can I just say that?" He enjoy the simple silly things in life, like a new rap song, some sweet car video, a good chase scene, or a new piece of technology. Hey, he's young and life was meant to be lived! He's a loyal friend and solid shoulder. He's slow to judge and good at keeping secrets. ...Also, he's pretty good at getting chicks.

====================KIRK FLETCHER===================== Camera-stud, south-Georgian (Mom, he's from Valdosta!!"), and one of the newest additions to the Moorpark family. Let's get the obvious out of the way- the first thing anybody notices about him is how you just won't shut up. He likes to ramble on and on and hardly let anyone else get a word in. ...Ok, that's not true, but he's kind of tired of everyone always telling him how quiet he is, so I thought that would be a nice change of pace. Once people start getting to know him though, and do get you talking, he's a pretty swell guy. He enjoys skateboarding and camera work...Also, chicks seem to dig the shy good-lookin' southern guy thing.

=========================SARA====================== Casting-assistant, make-up artist, and fashionista extraordinaire. People should not mistake her ever-so-small physical stature for someone who can

=======================ERIC======================== Director of photography, cyclist, and out-doors-man. He has an incredible eye for camera-work and lighting, and knows how to be both professional and fun on a set. He enjoys a good cigar and a good drink. He's often hyper-energetic and always fun to be around. You are easily excited, and you enjoy ...enjoying things. He's often called eccentric. He's quick with the wit, but sensitive to others words. ...Also, you like to wear girl's pants. (My rock climbing partner, shopping partner when I'm forced to go shopping, and personal airport cheuffer. The first morning we met, Eric and I found out we go waaaaaay back - all the way to Nashville! He moved there just as I moved away and apparently he actually remembers seeing my hair at the last climbing comp I set for! I set problems, attended the competition and moved the next day. Now we

========================MIKE========================= Video editor, aspiring director/ producer, night owl, and odd person. He's been a big brother his whole life, and never really learned how to stop. He takes out for his friends and takes personal responsibility for their well-being. (He's also the reason we actually get bills paid on time!) He's generally a leader and a mentor, but enjoys taking a break from it for seasons of your life so you can feel the freedom to deal with your own messes. He's hungry for life and thrives on new experiences, but have also found himself putting several aside over the years in order to do what was the responsible/dependable thing at the time...Also, he suffers from motorcycle envy.

=======================LANA========================== Reader, cook, and insomniac. Anyone who has known her for more than 5 minutes knows she love Christmas, babies, and Twilight, and that she rarely sleeps. Beyond that, she like to play your cards close to the chest. She's got a great wild side, but she don't let it come out often ...not in front of certain crowds, anyway. When she really wants something she doesn't let much stand in her way. She's full of unconditional love to many and is super-slow to judge...Also, she seems to have some secret obsession with vampires, which disturbs certain friends.

===================MATT LAVENDER==================== Actor, bartender, beefcake. Random women hit on him in bars. He likes bars...also for the alcohol. He's a born leader. He doesn't like to settle for mediocrity, which drives him to succeed and puts him in a funk when he feels like he's not. His natural good looks have made some things come easy for him, but he's not just another pretty face. Underneath his muscles, he has a sensitive soul, (a genuine heart, and a transparent way of going about his life.)

========================JEWEL======================== Daughter of a senator, actress, artist, and recovering tomboy. Sometimes fun and crazy, sometimes quiet and reflective- she's lively and passionate, and has many talents- most of them artistic in nature. Though she still has many tomboy interests, she's are a sucker for a good romance movie as much as a baseball game. She loves coffee, Scotland, acting, coffee, painting, reading, and coffee...Also, she can pack away a mound of junkfood and never gain a pound, making her the envy of every girl you know.

=======================SAM========================= Actor, solid guy, and one of the few Moorparkers who was not a CCMer. He has an obvious goofy fun side, but also simply enjoys the company of good people (and the Spanish-language nature channel on TV. Especially big cats...those are his favorites.) He

and here’s his description of me – it’s always interesting to see what kind of impression people get in the first few weeks of knowing someone. of course, he just hasn’t seen the selfish, lazy, bossy, ridiculous side of me yet. oh, mike, you just wait…

You are Calais Cervetti, hippy, biker-chick, and free spirit. You have dreadlocks, ride a motorcycle, give massages, and perform magic in the kitchen …yes, guys are going to invite you to live with them! But it’s all good, cuz you’re among friends. You’re the newest addition to the Moorpark family, which still makes you a bit of mystery. What can be seen though is that you kind of enjoy bucking the system, not neccesarilly out of a need to be rebellious, but out of a hunger for a deeper truth, and probably a bit of mistrust toward systems of control. You don’t like to be pinned down to things or places. You enjoy your freedom. That doesn’t keep you from enjoying people though, or making lots of friends. You’re lots of fun, know how to take charge when it’s useful, and dog-gone-it people like you. You enjoy physical and outdoor activities, and you’re not afraid to break a nail or get your hands dirty. You also enjoy literature and sermons from Christian writers and speakers who don’t have popular Christian viewpoints. …Also, you refuse to use non-organic deodorant.


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
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