honduran coup d’etat

My family met on Roatán – an island off the north coast of Honduras – because Dad has a friend with a house on the island and (oddly enough) the flights were cheaper than into the country’s capital, Tegucigalpa. The morning after we flew in I went to a cafe down the road while i was waiting for the fam to wake up.  The talk of the morning was the day’s vote and all the controversy around it. Most of them had packed “flee” bags and were planning to spend the day in doors so as not to encounter any of the rumored military outfits on the island. By the time I walked home (and figured out we actually get internet from our neighbors) the news had spread that the president had been kidnapped and flown to Costa Rica. It was the first coup d’etat in latin america since the cold war.  I was so humbled that I knew nothing about the unrest before I arrived here. Usually I try and keep up on such things, but apparently I’ve been slacking in a big way.

The congress and military quickly appointed a new president and his first action was to turn of the electricity in the capital and enforce a two day nationwide curfew keeping people in doors from 9pm until 6am. Having no television and not wanting to sit at home glued to the computer screen the entirety of the day, weren’t aware of it until that evening when we tried to get something to eat. Shortly after, however, we ran into some policemen on the street and Dad (being Dad) approached them to ask them whether we were simply hearing rumors or if those rumors actually had some power behind them. Sure enough, the country is under martial law, but they informed us that they wouldn’t be enforcing the curfew on the island.

I’ve been doing my best to keep up with the published news (from as many sources as i can find) as well as talking to anyone in Honduras that will humor my questions about the situation. It seems ‘Mel’ has some pretty mixed reviews from his constituants. Almost every ex-pat I speak to is glad he’s gone. But personally I think that the people who ousted him are more guilty of the “unconstitutional actions” they’re blaming him for than the President was!  I’m trying so hard to be unbiased in my information gathering, but it’s difficult when I have such strong opinions about capitalism and the effects the US has had on the countries of Latin America. From the history I DO know of this conflict (and eons of others here and surrounding areas) this smells of red white and blue.

I’ll try and do a better job of keeping you up to date on what’s going on here. I haven’t posted much about the coup because my opinions are so strong and unbiased information is so hard to come by.  I have a hard time trusting even what I think about what’s happening – I’m certainly coming into it with a pretty slanted view.

There’s enough rioting and protesting in the capital that we’ve canceled our trip to the inland and found a host of opportunities to serve right where we are. We’ve met a lot of people already who are involved in wonderfully loving lifestyles – one who began the only clinic on the island, one who began the only LEGIT orphanage on the island. (There’s a mansion on the hill above the cruiseship port where a handful of pimps live and prostitute their children out to tourists under the guise of a Baptist Radio Station and orphanage. Awesome. Ugh if I could find those men and a big gun…!!*@!)#!!!!)


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  1. 1 MommaDeb June 30, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    Calais: The Berls posted this on our blog today. Just thought it would interest you. They have also been on Roatan. love you.

    Just wanted to let everyone know we are fine here on the island of Roatan. Everything that has been written on this sight is correct as far as we know. Lavearn is here with us and when she heard she said the president needed to go because of his alignment with Chavez among other things. Seth heard today that the main reason for the coup was that he was insisting that Congress here change the law that limits the president to 1 term in office so that he could stay a 2nd term. Apparently Congress had enough and had the military oust him. We are very secluded here on this laid back tourist island so we don’t see anything different except supposedly there was suppose to be a 9 pm curfew throughout the country. Nobody much paid attention to it here. We have heard on Spanish CNN of some looting and that the ex president is calling for protests. We leave tomorrow afternoon by fairy back to La Ceiba to get our van and drive to San Pedro Sula to spend the night. We’ll fly out early Wednesday morning. Thanks for your concern and prayers for us. It’s been a fabulous trip except Seth hasn’t felt well most of our time here. It was a little strange leaving such poverty behind and coming here. I wonder if the people there even know what’s happened in their country. Life will probably go on the same for them no matter who is in charge.
    Debra, I’ll pray for your family but rest assured that they are fine also.
    Dios les bendiga! (God bless ya’ll)

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