there’s more than politics here!

it feels so pointless to post about anything other than the coup, but the honest truth is that we feel very little of the effects here.   we’re in a bubble of sun, tourists, teal waves, white beaches, mangos & monkey la la‘s.  it’s simply the topic of everyone’s conversation, but not much action has changed on the island.

we’re finding out the hard way that if you don’t have an iron stomach, one should go to all lengths to avoid the water here.  teeth-brushing was a detail we didn’t consider.  well…until dad and steve both got so sick that they stayed in bed today till 1pm.  yikes.  fortunately they’re both finally recovering somewhat.  i think tomorrow they might be back on the horse, but it sounds like some of the other ladies might be coming down with similar symptoms.  i’m hoping it’s all in their heads.

today we cleaned the upstairs of the clinica esperanza and organized loads upon loads of donated baby clothing.  i think i might have located a woman who needs some help next week.  janey runs a clinic/orphanage in her home while she’s waiting for a better location.  it’s special, though, because janey takes the children the other orphanages won’t take – the ones with aids, hiv, tb, and disabilities.  i touched base with another gal here today who’s starting a home for young women in the sex industry.  apparently there are absolutely zero laws in place here that protect children from sexual predators.  in fact, part of the culture here is to be sure that girls lose their virginity to a family member – that way the older male family member can ‘teach them how to do it properly’.  sickening.  there are numerous documented accounts of doctors telling mothers that they should teach their sons how to masturbate by doing it for them when they hit puberty.  i can’t imagine the kind of psycological disturbance all of this has caused in a people group.  keep courtney and the future girls’ home in your prayers.


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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