what’s truth anyway?

i’ve been sufficiently frustrated gathering information on all the mess here.  it still seems that you can find different “truth” depending on where you look and listen.  i guess that should be a familiar feeling by now.   and because it’s not so safe to go inland i’m stuck in the areas with the most wealthy…and those whose livelihood depends upon those wealthy.  of course most of these people abhor the idea of an even remotely socialistic leader.  i don’t mind socialism at all – in fact if socialism were just a theory/lifestyle and not a political stance, then i’d definitely call myself a socialist – but if zelaya is a corrupt leader, that’s where it should end.  contrary to popular believe, one does not perpetuate the other.

before i make this a political blog stating my own opinions (in case you can’t read between the lines) i’ll get back to my point:  apparently zelaya (the ousted president) is ‘a laiyah’.  come on.  just prounounce it.  a laiyah??  a liar??  oh…not funny?  fine.  moving on…

well, apparently the man is genuinely a very corrupt leader.  they’ve found a lot of information that seems to point to the fact that he’s one of the largest drug dealers in central america.  the wonderful things he’s done for the poor (raised minimum wage by 60%, promised land, rights, etc etc) has been funded by drug money and various other shady activities.

and no…personally i don’t think there’s anything wrong with holding a referendum.  that’s what triggered this whole thing:  zelaya set up a vote among the entire populous that would make it possible to put together a committee that would possibly vote to change the constitution and one of those changes would probably be to allow more than one term for a president.  obviously it’s not a bad thing to be able to keep a leader you like in power for more than one term.  for goodness sakes, it’s a system we use in the united states.  personally i don’t even see how any of that is illegal.

however the supreme court said it was illegal, so the military decided not to follow orders of the president.  instead they followed the orders of the courts and refused to set up the vote.  zelaya went ahead with it and so the military (completely illegally) picked him up out of bed in his pjs and flew him out of the country whilst appointing a new president of their liking.

obviously this wasn’t the best way to do what they wanted to do – regardless of how corrupt zelaya was.  in fact, they’ve now given him more power because when he comes back to the country much of the world has stated that there will be consequences if he’s not allowed to take power again.  the new president, michaletti, says that there’s no way in hell that zelaya’s coming back to power.  sure sounds like a showdown to me.  we’ll see what the weekend’s like.

i mean, the first thing that michaletti did was turn off electricity in the capital for a day, and set up a curfew that doesn’t allow people out of their homes past 9pm for the first two days.  we were lucky that the island wasn’t enforcing.   the curfew was extended for tuesday through friday at 10pm and now they’re actually enforcing it, so it’s been early nights this week, but we still feel quite safe (aside from the masses of gun-weilding military personel that pace the roof of the airport).  michaletti also turned off tv and radio news – showing mostly soaps and cartoons.  and the newspaper obviously shows only peaceful protests stating that they don’t want zelaya back.  personally i think it all sounds a bit shady.

but all in short: it sounds like the world’s got it all wrong about zelaya. he’s a bastard and shouldn’t be in power….but unfortunately the opposition did it in all the wrong ways and now it’s a hot mess.  sigh…

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