i get a spanish word of the day in my RSS feed.  today’s word was ‘volver’ – to come/go back.  i find that humorous in light of this morning’s events.

due to the political situation in honduras, continental is not only waiving all ticket-change fees, but also all difference in fares.  in other words, you can change your flights however you please until the 29th of july.  if you know me at all you know this is my heaven and my hell.

after an incredibly fun evening last night with tim, michelle and friends they convinced to extend my trip for at least a few more days.  after all, sunday’s plans sound out of this world.  so i woke up this morning and, of course, called continental first thing.  just till monday, i thought.

well…turns out continental doesn’t fly monday.  or tuesday. or wednesday.  the flights thursday were a different class and therefore didn’t fall under the free status i was looking for.  in the whirlwind of thoughts and no time, i agreed to change my flights to friday.  friday!  yahoo!  almost another entire week here!  there are so many things i haven’t had the chance to do that i’ll get to do now!  so many people i’m excited to spend more time with!  and who knows…maybe by friday i’ll find a job or something and be able to extend my trip a bit more…and a bit more.  but what if i don’t find a job?  and what if i don’t make any money for yet another week?  and am i being responsible and respectful of the things and opportunities i’ve been given?

much to my chagrin, my conscience won out and for once in my traveling history i’m a normal tourist:  i flew in and out on the days my ticket stated….even though that required another 40 minutes on hold with continental to switch my flight back to original.

sigh…i’m back in the states.  but you best believe i’m headed back to that place the first chance i get.

[on a side note, turns out one of the people i randomly met this week is the manager of continental at the roatán airport.  when he saw me in the waiting area he came and got me and upgraded me to first class.  and i was the only one in first class.  talk about getting pampered!  this has been the strangest week]


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
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