this morning started a whole new season for me.  i began work (if you can call it that) at the kindergarten.  i wish i could list stories and show video of the billion things that happened even in my first 3 hours there, but nothing could do it justice.

i love watching the wheels turn in a child’s mind.  watching them develop patterns – or even developing what a pattern is.  try defining the word more without using the word itself.  go ahead.  just try.  i love watching them interact and show love and pain.  their world is so real.  they are so capable.

a rug was delivered this morning for the room where we were playing freezedance.  the director showed the delivery man into the room where the kids all stood back while he plopped it into the middle of the floor.  gail – the director – announced, “all right!  let’s see how many kids it takes to roll out a rug!”  they went berzerk trying to take the plastic off the outside of the roll.  once teeth were bared one of the teachers opted for starting it with a pair of scissors.  left to their own devices, these 4 year olds eventually got the rug in place.  it may have taken about 15 minutes, they may have nearly gotten rolled up under the rug a few times…but eventually it was in place.

i’m bubbling over with excitement for this opportunity.  my sentences can’t form because the ideas they’re trying to encompass are much too large right now…

egads i’m in love with children.


2 Responses to “kindergarten”

  1. 1 paul September 15, 2009 at 6:47 am

    this is great.

  2. 2 MommaDeb September 15, 2009 at 8:34 am

    Children are your passion. They will be as blessed as you are blessed just being in their presence. Pursue your passion! I’m proud of you.

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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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