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has anyone else seen this drawing of ardi yet?  and has anyone else wondered about all the artistic liberties they took in recreating him?  i mean seriously, guys…yes, the pieces of ardi are very well preserved, and yes they’re monumental, but even if you had a full skeleton and knew for certain that it was structured as shown, who’s the wise guy who decided we must have been covered in hair?  probably the same wise guy who realized that if we keep finding older and older skeletons that look more like humans than like apes, we’d better at least cover them in hair in the drawings so that people will remember our theory has-to-has-to-has-to be true.  they always make me laugh when i see them.

i think it’s fascinating how even science is a large percent self-fulfilled.  the discovery – or rather the study of – ardi has uprooted everything they’ve been teaching in biology for the last 20 years.  based largely upon the scant remains of one skeleton (lucy) they pieced together the history of the human race – speculating that lucy was very closely related to the original common ancestor between men and apes.  well…ardi has blown that out of the water by showing that even a million and a half years before lucy supposed human ancestors looked and behaved like…well…humans!  the most interesting part of it all is that rather than questioning everything they believed, they simply back the timeline up.  now, instead they’re saying that the common ancestor must have simply lived a few million years earlier than they’d previously thought.  granted, they’ve never found this ancestor, but they’ll damn well keep searching. at least now they’re admitting that they have absolutely no reason to believe that we evolved from chimpanzees:

Myth Busted: Humans Never Evolved From Chimpanzees

Although chimpanzees remain our closest living primate relatives, there is now no evidence that Homo sapiens somehow evolved from chimpanzee-like individuals, losing chimp characteristics over time. Instead, after the chimp/hominid split, the two groups appear to have gone their separate evolutionary ways, developing the unique traits seen in each today.

Alan Walker, a professor of biological anthropology at Pennsylvania State University who did not work on the project, said that the Ardipithecus fossils “tell us that the anatomy of closely related living species cannot predict the anatomy of their ancestors very accurately.”

Walker said, “It now seems, from the analyses carried out by the discoverers and their colleagues, that the last common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans was much less chimpanzee-like than previously thought.”

He concluded that the unveiling of the new hominid “is certain to cause considerable rethinking of not only our evolutionary past, but also that of our living relatives the great apes.”

footnote:  now, in no way am i saying that god must have created the earth in 7 literal days and therefore evolution is a complete crock.  there’s absolutely overwhelming heaps of evidence proving that species are constantly evolving within themselves.  what i am saying is that i’d prefer they have the skeleton of a common ancestor before they teach that there is one.  that seems like a rather large assumption.  after all, people believe science because it’s “proven”, right?  it’s humorous how little actually is…


3 Responses to “ardi”

  1. 1 terryshoemaker October 11, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    i just wanted to say that i really like ardi’s long arms.

    i’ve read some of what they are saying about this discovery and it sounds like it is de-evolving a lot of the theories.


  2. 2 Aaron J October 11, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    Yes! You rock Calais. In agreement with you here.

  3. 3 paul October 12, 2009 at 8:05 am

    there was a big shift in the sciences awhile ago in which science believes something until it can be proven false. which works okay, except in areas where we lack information. like really old things. so we’re left believing concepts that are only waiting to be proven false.

    there was also a big shift in which scientists never explained falsifiability to the masses, which really facilitates our blind faith in ‘experts.’

    i think both shifts demonstrate our discomfort with a certain amount of mystery.

    ps. i like how some illustrator was like, “yeah, i guess i’ll go ahead and put breasts on this thing.”


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