lake balboa

i’ve officially spent the night in our new home. our neighbors are already wonderful: leo lives across the street, speaks no english, but saw me unloading a mattress by myself and crossed to help me out. victoria lives next door, is probably from germany, and has a terrifyingly large rotweiler named barbie. ernesto is our gardener and simply a kind man who worked a miracle on our yard this week – relandscaping, planting, and killing the many black widows we found. part of me feels terrible about that…but the other part of me just feels safe.

i’m not sure when having different nationalities in your neighborhood began to mean that the area was low income or at least low safety, but i’m proud that our area proves the opposite. i get to shop in a grocery where everything is labeled, spoken, and served in spanish. i love grocery shopping for this reason.  i also love that there’s a japanese garden, a nature reserve, and a large lake all within walking distance.

and then there’s our home itself: old and obviously full of  billions of stories. julie insists that we have ghosts…and being that it’s still has the original hardwood floors, well…i laid awake for a good 3 hours last night before falling asleep in a fort i built for myself. sleeping in a fort was fantastic. not sleeping because i was scared from ever creak and pop? ridiculous.

hopefully i can load some pictures soon, but given that my camera was broken awhile back i’ll have to wait until i can get them from julie. our home has already overgone a transformation. our yard has already gone from a desolate wasteland to well…a smelly brown velvety mess that at least now has the promise of someday soon becoming something a little closer to normal. i’d rather have a garden than grass…but i’m going to hold out on that one until our landlord is a little more used to us. we do have an orange, lemon, fig, and avacado tree in the back yard, so that will do for now.

currently (when i’m not working or moving or painting or getting ready for a wonderfully massive and unfamiliar trip) i’m working on bed designs and i know at least one person whose insight would be particularly helpful. such projects are meant to be done with more than one set of hands and definitely more than one imagination. right now i’m leaning towards something that’s a mix between a hammock and native indian fur pileup, but who knew fur was so expensive? let me know if you know anyone who could help me out with that.

a few more rooms to paint and a lot to organize and build, but it’s already feeling great.


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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