yesterday the postman came and went…and though he delivered one interesting small box, he did not bring the box shipped from my dad.  the one with my sleeping bag, waterproof stuff-sacks, motorcycle helmet, armored jacket*, bivy sack, etc.

i made an emergency trip to REI – my third trip yesterday – and bought dad a new sleeping bag that i will now borrow for my trip to the canyon.  (let’s not get that confused; parents have a way of using words to make sure what they’re doing isn’t spoiling their children, and for that i’m very grateful.)  thank you, dad.

once i felt confident that i had all the things i need I finished painting the dining room – our last planned painting project.  it feels good to have all the paints put away before i leave.  after such a roller coaster of a day, i felt pretty good going to sleep – knowing that all i have left in the morning is a quick packing job (everything’s laid out right now) and and drive to the airport.

of course it can’t happen that way, though.  where would the fun be in that?  this morning at 6am my phone woke me up.  my dad.  he must have just forgotten the time difference.  i let it ring.  a few minutes later an unrecognized number called.  i let it ring.  a few minutes later, dad again.  clearly something was up.  i’m not sure where they got my dad’s number, but somehow they’d called him to tell him my flight was cancelled.  not delayed.  cancelled.

with my 6am brain it took us a good 15 minutes to figure out that i could actually just take my original first two flights (yes, it seems to require 3 flights to get to the grand canyon from la) and they’d put me up in pheonix while the mechanics fix the plane (which makes me nervous) and then i’ll instead fly in tomorrow morning.  whew.  that works.  pray that all goes as planned B.

i just keep saying: i’m going to the grand canyon.  i’m going to the grand canyon.  it seems to help…

* the lucky part of that is that less than 48 hours ago a friend called and very adamantly insisted that i not ride my motorcycle out to the canyon, as i had been planning.  instead she proposed that she and her boyfriend (who would then borrow my motorcycle and my already-borrowed car) buy me a flight to the canyon in exchange for use of the vehicles for three weeks plus.  after a lot of insistence, i finally agreed and we purchased a flight.  well, turns out that’s quite perfect considering that i would only ride my bike out there if i have the proper protection gear.  the protection gear that did not arrive yesterday by the time i needed it.


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
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