poetry of a 2year old

one of our little ladies only speaks spanish.  she’s learning english very quickly, but she’s a tricky little one and likes to pretend she doesn’t know what we’re saying.  her eyes became the size of saucers the first time i switched into spanish.  oh no…my two year old little antics are over!

she wears dresses and velour jogging suits to school on a regular basis and her parents really don’t want her getting wet, dirty, or taking her shoes off.  i’m not sure how or why she’s at the neighborhood school, considering that’s all we do.  i think her parents want to embrace our philosophies, but it’s a little counter-intuitive for them.

anyway, she’s a complete sweetheart and in many ways a sweet little china doll.  we’ve bonded over the spanish language and i struggle over how much to meet her in our little world and how much to challenger her to use the english she does know.

she was a little spacey the other day – having a very hard time focusing when someone was speaking to her.  towards the end of the day she started telling me how much she missed her mom and asking when her mom was going to arrive.  we started thinking she was actually coming down with something – i picked her up and was holding her and asked her how she was feeling.

at least i think this is what i was saying… 😉

how are you feeling, sweetie?  do you feel sick?
nothing…just a spacey glazed look over my left shoulder…
does something hurt?
in the most pathetic 2-year-old sad voice: “si…”
where, honey? what hurts?
she rubbed her tummy/chest area
your tummy?
she looked me straight in the eyes, shaking her head and sweet black little curls:

“mi corazon…”


my heart melted…she missed her mommy.
i made sure to tell her mom the story when she picked her up.  what a joy it must be to be a mother.



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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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