the silence is not silence at all

sunday night was a special night.

i got to stand alongside one of my dearest (and most certainly my longest) friend and sing background vocals while creating a piece of art live on stage in front of almost 700 people (so i was told).

if you know me much at all you probably know that even the mention of being in front of more than 4 or 5 people can potentially cause a violent nervous reaction in me.  in the last 6months the mere suggestion that i need to ‘present’ something has caused a serious case of the shakes, a complete cry-fest meltdown, and an angry fit.  even in the grand canyon I was unable and unwilling to attempt to present something in front of 10 of the most accepting people i’ve ever met.  who knows why i accepted the offer to do a show where i was not only on stage, but on stage creating art (something i’ve never done live) and singing (something i haven’t done in years).

alli and i used to sing and play guitar together in junior high and high school and the chance to be a part of her art again was more than i could pass up.  i’m so glad i chose to face my fears.

my nervousness melted away as soon as i picked up my first pastel.  having something to do with my hands while i wasn’t actually singing made everything seem so perfectly natural and relaxed.  my plans for what my art would be quickly went out the window as well.  due to the moment, the failure of certain mediums, and just the nature of art in general, my piece didn’t turn out anything like i’d vaguely planned, but that’s ok.  it became completely intertwined with the music being played and the story that was read.

i could go on for hours about how special alli is to me, about how she nearly brought me to tears onstage as she introduced all of us, about how perfect it was that her words and song brought our friend, sydney, onstage into the show as well…but i wouldn’t know where to begin or end.  all i can say is that i couldn’t have imagined such a conglomeration going so naturally.  it’s quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite experiences.  and who knew – i didn’t even have to leave iowa to experience it.

[sidenote: if anyone has photos of that evening, i would love to see them. pretty please send them my way]

a portion of the piece that spun from my brushes and pastels that evening


1 Response to “the silence is not silence at all”

  1. 1 Kalee January 4, 2010 at 9:35 am

    beautiful Calais!

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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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