i mentioned my awesome living situation.  i live with a gal and her six year old son, dylan – both of which are absolutely fantastic.  our house feels so wonderful and having a kid around is just plain fun.  plus, he doesn’t realize it, but i’m using him for his imagination.  today we made a mask, but we couldn’t find any tissue paper or gauze, so we used plaster and toilet paper…which basically turned into mush.  but we made that mush work for us.  after it dries we’re going to build it up to look like optimus prime (who i’ve learned a lot about today) and then we’re going to paint it.  with flames.  dylan did a pretty amazing job laying still while i was putting wet toilet paper all over his face.  bravo, six-year-old.

the whole thing was inspired when i found a kit in his room to make plaster cars that you mold and then paint.  we made the cars, too, but that became a very secondary part of our project.

after cleaning the plaster off his face, i gave dylan a haircut.  when i asked him what kind of haircut he wanted he told me he wanted flames.  i was so stoked – his mom even gave us permission to buzz flames into the side of his head!  then at the last second he decided he didn’t want the flames after all.  believe me, i’m going to keep working on him.

and this is dylan eating lunch.  he was eating in the fort we built, but eventually came into the kitchen to ask whether i’d been stealing his sandwich squares.  he swears he didn’t eat them and concluded it must have been the elves.  his solution?  keep them on the counter where the short elf arms simply can’t reach them.  brilliant.  i swear this kid is brilliant.


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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