flour friday: bagels!

i’m late in posting on flour friday: bagels! but i think eventually i’ll move it back to the date it was intended for (fri jan 22).  i also neglected writing down the recipe for this one, however for bagels, my suggested recipe is as follows:

  • go to your favorite bagel provider and buy them

and believe you me – i wouldn’t say that about very many foods.  bagels are a fun project…when you have all day to make them.  how those bagel companies have massive amts of fresh bagels daily completely baffles me.  we started at 2pm and they came out of the oven at 9pm.  i’m not exaggerating.  you mix the yeast and water, then wait 5 min.  you mix the rest of the ingredients, knead it, then wait 2 hours.  you separate it into chunks, then wait 20 min.  you form the bagels, then wait 20 min.  you boil the water and boil each one for 30 sec, flip them, boil for 30 sec.  you put them in the oven and bake them 10 min, then flip them and bake them 5 min more.  and then the recipe says: “good for up to one day”  sigh…

well, it was sure fun and the bagels were good.  (note i said “good” and not “great” or “incredible”)  sadly, i think that panera’s bagels might actually be better than mine and juli’s 7-hour bagels.  but i’m glad i’ve now tackled bagel-making.  some things you just have to get out of your system.

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