roller boogie

birthday boy dead center with the stone-washed jeans

calais and molly

yesterday was donnie’s birthday: a roller party in brighton, complete with black-light responsive carpet. i swear they’re even still using the same skates as they were 16 years ago. it’s the pristine image you (and i) have of the roller rink as an elementary student. at least that’s when i was frequenting the rink.

all good parties need a theme, and this one certainly fit the bill: super hero/villain

i was never into comics or super heros, but i definitely have my own heroes amidst the animated world. no one had a clue who i was, but i definitely got rave reviews on the outfit, regardless.  i think i’ve always wanted an excuse to sew a nausicaa costume.

if you haven’t seen nausicaa or anything else by miyazaki, then you have some homework to do.

fine…so anime porportions are pretty tough to meet, but you get the idea….


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