jobs: sci-fi and quite the opposite

i’m not quite sure how it happened, but today i got two jobs that i have quite little to no experience in.  I’m now a part-time gardener and part-time laser-parts maker.  yes, i said lasers.

obviously i haven’t even the slightest amount of experience with lasers, but for some reason they offered me a job.  i went out and toured the uber-high-tech labs today and geeked out like a pocket-protector-wearing prep school nerd.  i get to wear surgical gear and inspect things under a microscope.  i will work in a room with at least 15 vacuum chambers i’ll learn to program and load so that they can vaporize various materials with proton beams and deposit the vapors on precision-polished glass in layers more perfect than my brain can even compute.  there’s no way to help anyone understand why i’m so excited about that.

and then the other half of the week i’ll be under the sun digging in the dirt.  it’ll make for a nice balance, i think.


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