i should be in bed, but slumber won’t come.  i have too much to think about.  too much to do, to make, to share.  today has been so inspiring.  words don’t stick to such things, so i won’t try to explain why they’ve meant so much to me.  they simply have.

it thundered today in boulder.  the first real rain storm i’ve experienced here.  it’s been teasing for awhile and this afternoon the clouds came through in a big way.  mid-storm it seemed someone unzipped the bottom of an ice machine and within 3 minutes the streets went from clear to covered in dime-sized hail.  i’ve never seen it so thick…as i make quite clear in the video. [i apologize ahead of time.  maybe LA rubbed off on me more than i realized.]

[hail is one of those fairy-tale things – like volcanos and fireflies – that doesn’t seem like it would exist in real life.  an imagination that could dream ice falling from the sky…that’s an imagination.]

that's our parking spot - white truck

it let loose just as i arrived to pick up juli to drive to denver.  she bought me dinner at my favorite denver spot and then we drove to find parking at the paramount, where we got the absolute best-timed, best-located parking spot of my life.  i may exaggerate a bit, but i truly can’t remember ever having a better one.

and then…jónsi.

oh jónsi.  this is where the explanation truly ends.  my one plea: if you have an ounce of art in your bones…find out when he’ll be near you and go to the show.  please.  if you don’t like it, i’ll personally refund your money.  cross my heart and hope to die.


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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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