each of the kids graduating yesterday noted what they want to be when they grow up. i’m particularly fond of this bit of information – whether people are 4 or simply remember what they wanted to be when that age. i think it says a lot about a person. one of the kids wants to be an astronaut. i knew i liked that kid. granted…i wanted to be an astronaut that cooked for the other astronauts, but same idea. and if i had known this when i was young i might have tried a little harder to make it happen. how old is too old to go to space school?

the sun “sets” up to 16 times a day at the international space station

What are these strange color bands being seen from the International Space Station? The Sun setting through Earth's atmosphere. Pictured above, a sunset captured last month by the ISS's Expedition 23 crew shows in vivid detail many layers of the Earth's thin atmosphere. Part of the Earth experiencing night crosses the bottom of the image. Above that, appearing in deep orange and yellow, is the Earth's troposphere, which contains 80 percent of the atmosphere by mass and almost all of the clouds in the sky. Above the troposphere, seen as a light blue band with white clouds, is the stratosphere, part of the Earth's atmosphere where airplanes fly and some hardy bacteria float. Above the stratosphere, visible as a darker blue bands, are higher and thinner atmospheric levels that gradually fade away into the cold dark vacuum of outer space. Sunset is not an uncommon sight for occupants of the International Space Station, because it can be seen as many as 16 times a day.


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