green river

the folks that took those lovely pictures for us just invited me to go on a different stretch of the same-ish river with them in a couple weeks.  looks like i get to return to my love sooner than i thought! pretty excited/nervous to run with a different crew of folks. the yampa (the last river i ran) actually runs into the green, so the second half of the trip i’ve already done, but the first part sounds phenomenal as well.

What I’ve read so far:

The Gates of Lodore section starts in Colorado, and ends in Utah.

Lodore starts in semi-forest mountain terrain and ends in classic desert canyon. Multiple fun rocky technical rapids including Upper and Lower Disaster Falls and Hell’s Half-Mile (IV) are scattered inside a beautiful steep walled canyon. Excellent assigned camping sites, hikes, wildlife and rapids are to be found throughout the run.

A few hikes I enjoy are Winnies Grotto river right at Winnies Rapid(short but cool narrow canyon), the Wind Cave and petroglyphs at Echo Park (Echo Park boat ramp, hike up road) and Jones Hole Creek with waterfalls and fishing holes (bring a fly rod and Utah fishing license). There is some rock art visible from the river in Island Park, and a historic inscription by Denis Julien (1836) is hidden in Whirlpool Canyon. A warm springs can be found at low to medium water levels in Split Mountain just over a mile below Schoolboy Rapid river right. Though not a hot spring, a stop for a soak in the warm spring feels nice in the Spring or Autumn.

Lodore is where Major John Wesley Powell and the boys had major (pun) problems during the 1869 Colorado River Expedition, running rocky rapids in wooden boats. Go figure.

The full run is a combination of Lodore Canyon, Echo/Mitten Park, Whirlpool Canyon, Island/Rainbow Park and Split Mountain Canyon. Each section is unique, distinct and memorable.


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  1. 1 Momma July 13, 2010 at 1:42 am

    would having a dog get in the way of the river?

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