human learning as a self-organizing system

first of all, thank you, johnni, for sending this to me. it’s broadening thoughts i’ve been mulling over regarding a video i posted a few days ago. our entire thinking about education will need to change – not just the system itself. this one’s a long one, and it’s delving into a dependence on technology that i’m not yet entirely comfortable with, but the point isn’t new. it IS, however, one that needs to be reminded and restated until it makes its way to mainstream “education”.

a self-organizing system is one where the system structure appears without explicit intervention from the outside system. self organizing systems also always show emergence. emergence is the appearance of a property not previously observed as a functional characteristic of the system.

you’ll have to watch the video and devise your own thoughts, but i take this to mean that if we were to actually start allowing children to create their own self-organizing systems for learning, that we can’t even imagine what sort of emergence will follow. you can’t tell me that’s not exhilarating.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



1 Response to “human learning as a self-organizing system”

  1. 1 johnni November 1, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    credit to chelsa ( for finding that one. interesting for sure. my dad, a teacher for many years, asked for the link to show his school principal. will talk soon!

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