house update

it’s been awhile since i updated anyone on the house-purchasing process. things change so quickly it’s been tough keeping it straight in my own head, much less relaying the information on to other curious friends/family.

in short, we came into the property knowing it would probably need some work, but it was still an awesome deal.

it was snagged by someone else, who found out that the septic system needed to be replaced. their engineer basically said it couldn’t be done. they broke contract.

we snatched it up 20k less than the original asking price to counterbalance the new septic system that would need to be installed. our engineer said it could be done, but that it’s pending on getting a lot of variances from the city….which is still up in the air. we also discovered it needs a new well drilled (probably), it needs a few things re-plumbed, and most importantly: the property lines are really really screwy.  SO screwy, in fact, that we could no longer get it financed, nor insured.

we asked for 75K and they wouldn’t give enough, so we terminated contract. needless to say, i was bummed…that was a lot of work and a christmas away from home for…well…nothing.

but then!

we re-submitted an offer asking for 50K off the price and (long story short) we got 44! so….we’re back under contract, figuring out how to deal with all the various things that need to be fixed, getting property line easements (and hopefully eventually actually changed) but still getting into an AMAZING home well under what i’d been hoping to pay for a house!

i seem to have chose the single most complicated home purchase in existence, but i think in the end it’s going to be worth it.

i couldn’t be more excited.

dad keeps telling me, “it’s not closed till it’s closed” and i know that’s true. trying to keep my head screwed on straight about it all, but at the same time fully planning on signing the final papers on February 7….

…fingers crossed!

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