uncle remus

i remember as a kid riding in the passenger seat reading uncle remus stories to my mom and sisters. mom sure read a whole lot better than i did, but it was always fun trying to figure out what was even being said. turns out that never gets old. tonight a few friends came up for dinner and we sat by the fire for over an hour reading uncle remus to one another. i say that makes for a wonderful night in the mountains.

“Dat’s a mighty likely tale,’ sezee, ‘w’en Mr. Dog ain’t mo’n tech you ‘fo’ you keel over, en lay dar stiff,’ sezee.

“Dat’s des w’at I wuz gwine ter tell you ’bout,’ sez Brer Possum, sezee. ‘I want no mo’ skeer’d dan you is right now, en’ I wuz fixin’ ter give Mr. Dog a sampler er my jaw,’ sezee, ‘but I’m de most ticklish chap w’at you ever laid eyes on, en no more sooner did Mr. Dog put his nose down yer ‘mong my ribs dan I got ter laughin’, and I laughed twel I ain’t had no use er my lim’s,’ sezee, ‘en it’s a mussy unto

Mr. Dog dat I wuz ticklish, kaze a little mo’ en I’d e’t ‘im up,’ sezee. ‘I don’t min’ fightin’, Brer Coon, no mo’ dan you duz,’ sezee, ‘but I declar’ ter gracious ef I kin stan’ ticklin’. Git me in a row whar dey ain’t no ticklin’ ‘lowed, en I’m your man,’ sezee.

“En down ter dis day'” – continued Uncle Remus, watching the smoke from his pipe curl upward over the little boy’s head – “down ter dis day, Brer Possum’s bound ter s’render w’en you tech him in de short ribs, en he’ll laugh ef he knows he’s gwine ter be smashed fer it.”



1 Response to “uncle remus”

  1. 1 elois March 7, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    Way to go reading dem dar books Calais. You sho doing yourself good. Ha Ha Gramma

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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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