flying machine

someone’s put da vinci’s dreams into motion. how beautiful…

they’ve also createda water-based mechanical jellyfish called an AquaJelly, an AquaPenguin, an AquaRay, an air-born barracuda called an Airacuda. I’ve read that their next critter will be a bionic octopus. They also dabble in human body parts, mechanical arms, torsos, articulated hands. They have a Festo Humanoid.

1 Response to “flying machine”

  1. 1 sleepinl8 April 12, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    Awesome! That is sooo cool! Would have believed it was a real bird if it weren’t for the closeups and the name of the video. Now all they need is a lifesize version of that… 😉

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