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grand reunion, pillow talk

we baked about 5 loaves of seedy yummy bread for flour friday, then the whole river tribe came to juli’s house pot-luck style.

biggest treat of the evening:  getting to listen to the sound tracks from the river.  tres was amazing enough to record many many beautiful sounds and moments.  the one i’ve added was on the very last night of the trip nearing the end of our very last campfire.  if you listen closely you can hear the river behind us and our hugs and soft “goodnights” as several head to sleep.  magic.

around 3am that last evening i awoke to whispers, then louder voices.  someone had gone down to the water to pee and realized there were only 5 boats anchored to the beach.  corey – who sleeps on a platform on his boat – was missing.

nick and donnie painstakingly traversed the shoreline about a half a mile through thick tamarisk trying to catch a glimpse of his yellow boat in the moonlight.  after two hours and very little progress, they came back to camp where some had already boiled tea water and sat up to hope and wait for either corey’s return, a signal, or to wake everyone early to pack up and go find him down river.

just before daybreak we saw the signal we’d been waiting for: a quick flash of a headlamp downstream.  corey was slowly making his way back to us.  he arrived just in time for breakfast and very hearty “welcome homes.”  turns out he’d forgotten to anchor in and in full slumber drifted away from shore, rode the eddy upstream where it kicked him out into the river.  he had woken about 30 feet from the top of a rapid – fortunately a small one – ran it still cocooned in his sleeping bag up to his waist.  after the riffle he pulled over to the shore where he began his difficult trek back to camp.

corey was positively gleeful that morning.  it seemed it was the way our trip almost needed to end.  one last hurrah.  bravo, corey.  he’s still saying he’s going to write them and ask them to don the unnamed rapid with a new title:  Pillow Talk Rapid

always look inside and see
exactly what we wanna be
underneath the stars so brightly shining
here we are

glad to be with you here, my friend
though it seems near the end
it is just beginning

tres altman




Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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