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on stage

i ask myself (as perhaps many in nashville and other stage-cities have once asked themselves) why.

why watching someone drum, reading somone’s writing, watching someone play football as if their very life depended upon that brown lump of leather making it to the other end…admiring someone’s art – whether visual, audible – conjures the desire…’god, i want to know them…’

that person on the stage (proverbial or otherwise) looks so damn nice when you realize how talented they are.

i’ve always loved to see people ‘in their element’.  to see their heart open up and guide their fingers and feet – to see them forget the rest of the world and ‘just play.’  but why?  that’s what i’ve been asking myself for weeks (again).

this morning, i reading a blog i like to keep up with.  when someone asks i say that i keep up with it because i absolutely adore the way the author strings words together.  i say it’s because they’re talented.  i say it’s because i love the way they write.  but this morning, as i tried to decipher what the metaphore in the post really meant, as i create theories about who, what, where, and when they’re referring to…it dawned on me:  i don’t keep up with it simply because i love the way they write.  it’s because i feel closer to them.  like i’m in on a secret.  like i know them better because i see the talent in their work.  like i’m the first person to truly value their art. what a laugh!!

oh dear, how important i think i am.  and how strong the desire is to know and be known.  and how bizarre when that desire reaches out to someone i hardly know – on a stage, on a blog.  yes, i think that art IS a massive extension of ourselves.  and yes, i think that we can know a lot about someone by knowing their work – after all i know the depths of my soul that often go into my artwork. but when it comes to attraction simply by seeing them ‘onstage’?  falling in love with the lead singer? (metaphores, metaphores – no worries, folks.  i’m far from in love with anyone – ha!)  i am glad to have a voice that corrects me when i am being so very silly.

nope, i don’t know you simply because i read your blog.  and i don’t deserve to be wanted by you simply because i reeeeaaaally truuuullly understand and value the depths of those lyrics you belt out on stage, or the true meaning of each little scribble on your canvas.  i just take myself a little too seriously sometimes.  and i like your work.


some kind of joke


the komondor dog breed.

a dog with naturally-forming dreads.  who knew?

to sleep

not count down, rise up (part II)

the earth was quiet enough this first morning of two thousand nine that i could almost hear the planet rotating on its axis. endlessly rotating on its axis towards the dawn. the dawn that happens to be marked the first of a brand new year, but i know the secret. the secret is that each day is a new life and each dusk a new peace. peace that incubates the coming morning as the earth continues on its amaranthine path.
this year will be a good year.



Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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