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worlds collide

after two days traveling, caylin and i have finally arrived in moultrie, georgia for christmas. we should have left iowa on saturday, but were unable to make it out because of blizzard weather saturday and sunday, so we arrived in nashville monday night after a long day on the road filled with This American Life.

yesterday we started our second leg of the trip – nashville to moultrie – only to be held up in stop-and-go traffic before entering chattenooga. we debated, but pulled off at a rest stop to pick up a map and find an alternate route. as we were pulling out i glanced over and noticed a couple men to the side. one looked unnervingly similar to a friend of mine from nashville…
…and his brother
…and his dog.
ok, we’re stopping.

i guess jamie and his brother, brian, were making their way home for christmas on the same route same day. and the funniest part? not one, but both cars (urged on in each case by the younger sibling) had been spending the day listening to This American Life.

as we came into atlanta we were undecided about staying on 75 or taking the 285 bypass. jamie and brian took the bypass, so caylin and i decided to do an experiment and stay on 75.

sitting in absolute stand-still traffic at the bottleneck in atlanta, brooding over our poor decision, we got a call from my older sister and her husband. their news?

they were stuck in a traffic jam in atlanta.

we all knew we were meeting in georgia for christmas, but didn’t know one another’s travel dates. and now here we were… about 20 car-lengths (we did the math after comparing what we could each see) behind them.

oh i do love smallworld experiences




Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
-Kahlil Gibran

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